Frequently Asked Questions

Should I use soft washing or pressure washing?

Soft washing is recommended for surfaces that require a more gentle wash, such as your house, roof, and deck. It also gets rid of the bacteria that trigger discoloring, whereas pressure washing just washes off the surface layer. Furthermore, soft washing does not make use of harmful high pressure, unlike pressure washing, and soft washing treatments last much longer than pressure washing treatments.

What is Soft Wash?

Soft washing is an alternative choice to pressure/power washing that does not utilize harmful high pressure. Soft washing completely cleanses surfaces as well as eliminates the bacteria that are the root source of staining on roofing systems and also various other structure surface areas.

How long will a washing treatment last?

Generally, a soft washing treatment will last significantly longer than a pressure washing, before discoloring reoccurs. In the majority of instances, treatments last much longer than one year.

Why should I get my home washed?

Aside from how more aesthetically appealing your home will be after your treatment, the bacteria that grows on houses, roofs, decking, and cement can actually cause structural damage on the surface over time.

How long before I can expect to see re-growth on my house?

Regrowth will happen. The rate at which regrowth happens will be determined by two main factors: environment and sunlight. On average, a pressure washing can last 3-5 years.

Will any of your cleaning products damage my property?

Not at all. We at Bright Exteriors have been thoroughly trained on "best practices" for safely and effectively applying treatments in any environment.

Why does my roof need cleaning?

Roofs are the most exposed part of the house to the environment and sunlight. These two factors are what encourage (re)growth of bacteria on our homes. Because roofs are so vulnerable, Bright Exteriors suggests a thorough roof cleaning.

How long does is take to clean my house?

That all depends on the size of the area being cleaned and the extent of the filth.